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Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech Centres recognizes that people with dementia have many challenges with communication. Life History Books can be valuable tools to facilitate interaction and help people with dementia tell their stories. We have compiled some learning tools to assist families and carers with the creation and use of Life History Books.

 Communicating with a Life History Book

 Life History Books: Creating a Communication Tool


Parent Resources / Handouts

A Sound Start for your child's hearing and speech (hearing and speech milestones)
Children's Speech Sounds
Daily Tips to Boost Language
Early Language - Story time, Daily Routines, Play time
Facts about Normal Dysfluency and Stuttering
Suggestions for Parents of Young Children with Voice Problems

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Professional Resources

TEP Emergency Procedures
- Understanding Tracheoesophageal Puncture
- If problems occur with the prosthesis
- If the prosthesis comes out
- NSHSC locations providing TEP S-LP support



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