IWK Feeding Clinic

The IWK Feeding Clinic provides assessment and consultation to outpatients and inpatients across the Maritimes for infants, children and youth exhibiting significant feeding difficulties or concerns. Feeding can be a complex issue and might involve:

  • Significant food refusal behaviour
  • Difficulty bottle feeding
  • Transitioning to textures
  • Feeding safety (oral motor and aspiration concerns)
  • Severely restricted diet
  • Difficult transitioning from tube feeding

As such, multiple clinicians may be included in the assessment. Depending on the type of referral ordered by your doctor, you might feed your child in the X-ray department during a videofluoroscopic swallow study or in the clinic.

The clinician(s) involved in the assessment will make suggestions to improve feeding and swallowing.

Who can refer?

A doctors referrals may be required.

Who should be contacted with the referral?

Referrals may be sent to the IWK Feeding Clinic Coordinator.
Fax: 902-470-8736
Phone: 902-470-8576