Mission, Vision, Values and Client Rights & Responsibilities

Our Mission

To provide the best Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Services to Nova Scotians

  • High quality identification, diagnostic, prevention-promotion, and treatment
  • Education of clients, students, care providers, stakeholders, and communities
  • Provincial standard setting,evaluation, and improvement in concert with our professions and our partners

Our Vision

Every person deserves a voice. Every voice deserves to be heard.

Our Values

Learning and Innovation: striving always to explore ways to improve the quality of our work and supporting others to do the same.
Leadership and Professionalism: building on our reputation for professional excellence by providing education to students and professionals, and leading ourselves and others to achieve the best.
Advocacy and Expertise: working in our communities to promote the best possible communication for all Nova Scotians.
Respect and Care: caring for each client, their families and caregiver; respecting everyone and their diversity.
Client-Centred and Best Quality of Service: striving to meet the particular needs of each client while providing equitable access and quality of service for all.
Partnerships and Collaboration: leading and fostering productive supportive working relationships.
Accountability and Transparency: making the best decisions that are communicated openly and honestly.

Client Rights & Responsibilities

Click here if you would like to print a copy of the Client Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To consent to receive our services
  • To be informed about treatment options
  • To participate in decisions about your care
  • To have your language and culture respected
  • To receive private and confidential service
  • To have access to your NSHSC information
  • To express concerns about our services
  • To receive quality care and safe services

Your Responsibilities

  • To treat staff, volunteers, and other clients with respect
  • To give accurate and complete information
  • To ask questions and give feedback to staff
  • To participate in decision making about your care
  • To share responsibility for your own care
  • To treat materials, equipment, and facilities with care
  • To arrive on time; cancel if you cannot attend
  • To help keep everyone safe and healthy